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People often ask me what brought me back to India after spending 18yrs of my formative years abroad and my answer is always twofold - my love for photography, especially wedding photography.

Because as we all know, weddings in India are no simple ceremonies. It's a celebration where the entire family and community is at its best. Best attire, best cuisine, you name it and it has to be the best. So why compromise in creating memories ?

This is where I come in. I create off-beat and contemporary wedding stories from true emotions. Sounds bookish and pedantic right ? Well, in simple and practical words, I click pictures so that not only can you cherish them after several years (if you still remain married) but also you can create fascinating insta stories . (There is no need to be modest here, we all do it!)

And yeah, if you are wondering whether I am good enough or just click tacky 'candid' pictures with nature all around , then lemme just tell you that I have previously worked with prestigious firms like Bridalsafari and Vivek Krishnan Photography. I have been covering weddings for over 6 years now. 


I currently cover weddings in Kerala and Bangalore. So if you are there and getting hitched then let me know and lets create memories for a lifetime!